Extraordinary Adventures  focuses upon working with organisations and participants in extreme sports, record setting attempts and explorations.

It has grown from participating in such events as the Volvo Ocean Race, The BT Global Challenge, North Pole expeditions, Best of British South Pole Record and others.

Bringing more than just a recording, Extraordinary Adventures gets right into the minds of those unique people who challenge themselves in the most extreme environments the world has to offer.

One great impediment to successfully constructing an event is gaining media interest. By supporting the endeavour with compelling films, Video News Release and video blogs it gains an early impetus in this media age.

Combining the best project management methodology and associated tools along with broadcast experienced film making ensures project excellence and minimises waste.

Extraordinary Adventures is driven by APQP.


Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a project management tool for manufacturing high cost and high volume product. It is therefore found in critical environments as its simplicity and robustness make it highly reliable; as such it is an ideal methodology for our production environment.

  • It was developed in the automotive industry as a way of ensuring that not only could the right product be manufactured but also that the producer was capable of making it at the rate, price and quality required by the customer.
  • It ensures that the real needs of the customer are considered; that the design reflects those needs; that the organisation has the capability and capacity to produce it repeatably and reliably.
  • It contains a series of checks and audits to ensure that any problems are discovered very early. Controls are in put in place to ensure the speedy prosecution of any emergent problems.

The impact on us is that in all things we are proactive rather than reactive.


Extraordinary Adventures will be the film production company of choice for extreme endeavour.

This objective will be achieved by bringing together the best people, technology and methods to tell engaging stories about what inspired humans can achieve.

We value integrity, perfection, honour, tenacity, endurance, compassion, team and truth.


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